Named after the founder of the human rights group, Amnesty International, Benenson is an open-source WordPress theme built using Gutenberg. 

The theme has been built to encourage contribution throughout the WordPress community, to help Amnesty International reach their goal of having a single reusable framework that the whole movement can use. This will allow them to focus on giving their supporters the best possible experience in finding and acting upon the issues that matter to them.

Content is at the heart of the Benenson theme, with the ability to create truly stunning websites faster than ever before. 

Benenson’s effortless yet powerful theme allows users to customise page layouts with blocks to suit their content needs. 
Built for content
The content rich theme allows for various types of content blocks to be inserted, including quotes, paragraphs and CTA’s.
user friendly
Benenson can be used by all teams within an organisation – there’s no coding or technical knowledge required.

Download Benenson today

The Benenson theme is available on GitHub.


How to use Benenson

Although not currently available on the theme store, Benenson will be available soon. Until then, the theme is available to upload into WordPress by following these steps: 

  1. Download the theme zip file from GitHub here.
  2. Unzip the theme.
  3. Upload the ‘benenson’ theme folder to your wp-content/themes directory.
  4. Activate the theme in the dashboard in Appearance > Themes.

You can also use the theme itself to build your own design, or you can create a child theme. There is a separate repository with an example child theme, which contains install instructions and how to run gulp tasks when modifying the theme.

Who maintains Benenson?

Benenson has been built by Big Bite, an enterprise WordPress agency based in the UK with support from the Amnesty movement. . We’re the team behind various open-source projects including the dependency free masonry layout library, Macy.js.